Basic Tissues
Figure 3-11C
Figure 3-12A
Cross Section of Cilia
Figure 3-12B
Cross Section of Microvilli
Synopsis 3-1
Specialized Structures of the Epithelial Cell
Stratif ed Squamous Epithelium (Keratinized)
Figure 3-13A
StratiF ed Squamous Epithelium, Thick Skin
Figure 3-13B
StratiF ed Squamous Epithelium, Thin Skin
Figure 3-13C
Clinical Correlation: Psoriasis
Stratif ed Squamous Epithelium (Nonkeratinized)
Figure 3-14A,B
StratiF ed Squamous Epithelium, Esophagus
Figure 3-14C
Clinical Correlation: Barrett Syndrome (Barrett Esophagus)
Stratif ed Cuboidal Epithelium
Figure 3-15A,B
StratiF ed Cuboidal Epithelium, Salivary Gland
Figure 3-15C
Clinical Correlation: Salivary Gland Swelling
Stratif ed Columnar Epithelium
Figure 3-16A,B
StratiF ed Columnar Epithelium, Eyelid
Figure 3-16C
Clinical Correlation: Trachoma
Transitional Epithelium (Stratif ed Epithelium)
Figure 3-17A
Transitional Epithelium, Urinary Bladder
Figure 3-17B
Transitional Epithelium, Relaxed
Figure 3-17C
Transitional Epithelium, Distended
Synopsis 3-2
Pathological Terms for Epithelial Tissue
Table 3-2
Synopsis 3-3
±unctions of Epithelial Tissue
Glands (Exocrine Glands)
Introduction and Key Concepts ±or Glands
Exocrine Glands Classif ed by Product
Figure 3-18A
Parotid Gland
Figure 3-18B
Figure 3-18C
Sublingual Gland
Figure 3-18D
Skin (Scalp)
Figure 3-19A
Serous Acinus from the Parotid Gland
Figure 3-19B
Mucous Acinus from the Submandibular Gland
Synopsis 3-4
Glands ClassiF ed by Product
Exocrine Glands Classif ed by Morphology
Figure 3-20A,B
Unicellular Glands
Figure 3-21A,B
Simple Tubular Glands
Figure 3-22A,B
Simple Branched Tubular Glands
Figure 3-23A,B
Simple Coiled Tubular Glands
Figure 3-24A,B
Simple Acinar Glands
Figure 3-25A,B
Simple Branched Acinar Glands
Figure 3-26A,B
Compound Tubular Glands
Figure 3-27A,B
Compound Acinar Glands
Figure 3-28A,B
Compound Tubuloacinar Glands
Table 3-3
Glands ClassiF ed by Morphology
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