The completion of a project of this scope relies on the ideas and inspiration that represent its
beginning and on the kindness and expertise of colleagues who have graciously given sug-
gestions and comments and offered reviews, both formal and informal, during its progress.
These two factors have been brought together by the cooperation of many.
This book would not have been possible without the full support and encouragement of
Dr. Duane E. Haines and Dr. James C. Lynch during the initial proposal. I am grateful to Dr.
Haines for his vision of integrating clinical correlations into this book.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the expert consultants who contrib-
uted to this project both through their insightful review of chapters and many constructive
suggestions and by providing tissue samples, slides, or other images. I especially appreciate
Dr. Ben R. Clower and Dr. March D. Ard for their initial and continued support and encour-
agement. Special thanks are due to Dr. Steven Bigler, chairman of the Pathology Depart-
ment, University of Mississippi Medical Center, for his generous support during this project.
We have also beneF
tted greatly from, and are grateful for, the helpful comments (especially
regarding applicability to the classroom setting) made by faculty and student reviewers. Each
of these individuals is listed in the prefatory pages.
My coauthors and I offer special thanks to Ms. Varie Lynch for her careful and excellent
editing, reviewing, and proofreading of each chapter. We are grateful to Mr. Glenn Hoskins,
who was the main source of electron micrographs (TEM and SEM) and who willingly pre-
pared new images as necessary. Tissue prepared by Ms. Dianne Holmes and Ms. Betty Chen
was used in this project. We also thank Mr. Tong Yang, who created many original line draw-
ings and helped with the preparation of the computer F
les for submission to the publisher.
Mr. Jerome Allison provided invaluable advice and assistance in computer-related matters. In
addition, helpful comments were provided by Mr. David Lynch, who reviewed some of the
chapters, and Dr. Eddie Perkins, who offered a number of suggestions on various phases of
the project. We also thank Ms. Melanie Casey, a dental student, who organized a group of
her colleagues to review the chapter on the oral cavity. They did an excellent job.
The inclusion of pathological photomicrographs and MRI and CT images in this work is
made possible by the outstanding cooperation of our clinical and basic science colleagues. We
express our sincere thanks to the following individuals: Dr. Kay Allen, Dr. Alexandra Brown,
Dr. Michael ±. ±lessner, Dr. Roland ±. Garretson, Dr. J. Mark Reed, Dr. Gary W. Reeves,
Dr. Jennifer Schulmeier, Dr. Billy Walker, Dr. Niping Wang, and Dr. Bob Wineman. In addi-
tion, a number of other individuals generously offered or, in some cases, granted us permis-
sion to use their images. They are recognized on the ±igure Credits page. We greatly appreci-
ate their professional courtesy.
Many new line drawings, both great and small, were created for this work. These were
largely the work of Mr. Michael Schenk (Director of Biomedical Illustration Services) and
Mr. Walter Kyle Cunningham (Medical Illustrator). We are enormously appreciative of their
time, energy, and dedication to creating the best possible artwork for this book. They went
out of their way to accommodate our requests, and we are very happy with the results.
The completion of this work would not have been possible without the interest and sup-
port of the publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. We would like to thank Ms.
Taylor (acquisitions editor), Ms. Kelley Squazzo (product manager), Ms. Jennifer Clements
(art director), and Ms. Kelly Horvath (freelance development and copy editor). Lastly, but
certainly not least, Ms. Lisa Boyd and Ms. Mary Ann Albin, who both work in the main ofF
of the Department of Anatomy at the
University of Mississippi, helped with many administra-
tive tasks that were collectively a great help.
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